What is research monkey retirement about? 

Some monkeys in research are used in nonterminal (survival) studies and researchers do not need to euthanize them to obtain scientific data. Monkeys from survival studies are often eligible for retirement.

Many people in the research community are working hard to get retirement-eligible monkeys to accredited sanctuaries after studies are completed.

GREAT NEWS: There is an emerging trend to retire monkeys after research!!!

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Why squirrel monkeys?

Although native to Central and South America, squirrel monkeys have a long history in our society. They have been imported and bred in the United States since at least the early 1900's to be kept as pets, exhibited in zoos, and used in research.  Squirrel monkeys born in captivity in the USA cannot go back to the wild...they are here to stay and need lifelong care in appropriate facilities.

Note: It is ILLEGAL to keep monkeys as pets in California and most other states. SMH does not condone keeping monkeys as pets.

Why is a squirrel monkey retirement haven needed?

Squirrel monkeys are widely used in research and there is demand for more accredited sanctuary space to house them. 

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What are squirrel monkeys like?

Although small at about 1 to 2 lbs, they have big personalities, are curious about everything, have lots of smarts, and are super social with each other.

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Is it safe to release monkeys from research?

VETERINARIANS provide healthcare to monkeys used in research and only release healthy monkeys for retirement.


Squirrel Monkey Haven (SMH)

An enriching lifelong home for squirrel monkeys retired from research.